How To Write A Wonderful Article In 30 Minutes.(4 Simple Steps).

So you want to learn steps of writing a good article and you don’t know where to start from?

Awesome article should be more informing and interesting.

The article should contain five major parts,that are;


•Opening paragraph.

•Three major talking points

•Article body.

•Resource box.

When writing articles we have two types of tones to be considered,the tone can be either professional or friendly.

But wait,

What’s a professional tone and a friendly tone?

When writing a professional tone,the tone is more formal where you just talk about the subject matter without addressing the reader.

While,when writing a friendly tone article,you keep a conversation like you’re talking to a friend.You mostly use ‘You.’

For example;

You can learn,read,understand and write a good article in your own words.

With these techniques,you can write a catchy article.


At first when I started learning article writing,it was tough but when I tried to employ article writing steps that am about to show you,everything got well.

Here’s how you can do the same thing that I did and worked well on my side.

1.Choose A Good Topic.

A good topic is the one that you get it easy to write and after writing it attracts the reader.

When writing your article,you should tell your audience you know what you’re telling them by choosing a good topic.Let the reader feel he/she can implement what s/he is reading immediately after reading.

Don’t make it for yourself when choosing a topic,select a topic you’ll enjoy writing as topics that require too much research are sometimes hard to handle.

Don’t choose a topic that may result to overthinking while writing your article,as overthinking will make you surrender writing.

How To Research A Topic.

After you’ve selected a topic,the next supper power tip is to research your topic.

Some writers get it hard when it comes to this.

But wait…

It’s good to do research when you’ve chosen a topic you’ll enjoy writing,and the one that doesn’t need a lot of research.

I learnt some research techniques from my mentor Mr Walter Akolo the founder of

This technique is working well in my side and I feel like sharing with you,I think it can help you as well.

Here’s how you can do research for yourself.

Lets say you want to write about;how to become a writer and get paid for it.

The steps are simple.

Naturally,just copy paste the keyword phrase onto google search box,then click to the site that seems to be offering the most comprehesive information.

Getting it right?

Well.For instance,if your keyword phrase is how to make money online as a freelance writer.You will see more sites offering the same information.But don’t open just one.Open about three in different.


Does it really sound good?

If yes,then stay with me here as am taking you to another technique.

Google the subheadings.

Let’s say you’re writing about 7 ways upgrading software can boost your business.

And one of the subheading is “Boosts productivity”
Just write onto google search box,“How upgrading software can boost productivity.”

This will give you more ideas to infuse into your article.


Remember to jot down anything you find helpful from your research.

Lastly,choose a topic that will attract more readers.

After choosing your topic,the next step is;

2.Choose A Title.

The title grabs attention of the reader.You can get title ideas from popular article sites and bookmarking sites like Digg.

You should be contraversial and specific when choosing your title.

Before chosing a title,here is what to consider.

√The title should promise the reader a benefit of reading the article.

√The title should be clear and direct.

√The title should be specific.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say,you’ve to make a title arouse curiosity and lure the reader into the article body.

You should let the title select your audience,and remember title is the part that gets attention.

Headline is the first step of persuading your audience to read your article.

Here’s the interesting part.

The technique I use when writing a title.You may find these techniques useful in your own work.

The technique is,I always ask myself these questions.

•Who’s my audience.?

•Why will the audience want to read my article?

With this two questions,I will be able to produce a powerful and catchy headlines for my content.Here’s a good example of one of my headlines;how to start freelance writing in 7 days.

Is this helpful?

Okay!let’s jump to the next step that is;

3.Talk To Your Audience.

In order to create curiosity to your readers,your article should begin with an introduction.

You can introduce your article with a startling statistics,posting a quote,or using a provoking question.

When writing your article,remember to organise your work in a logical manner,so that one idea can build the next idea.This is to help your audience understand you well.

Now this is important part of it.

Try to remember when talking to your audience through your article,that you’re not talking to robots but human beings.

So,try to add some sipices in article,the way you add them in your vistors stew to impress them.But remember not to over use the spices as it can be ineffective in passing the intended information.

Try to avoid fluff as well.Don’t use excess unnecessary words,as clients prefer if you get straight to the point.

4.Include A Conclusion.

The conclusion is the call to action.

Don’t just end your article witout a conclusion,as this is a place where you can offer more information or a free report.

You should make this part a call to action but don’t try to sell.

Let the reader feel s/he can do what is in the content as well.

It’s upto you.

The above are my 4 simple ways of writing a good article but there are more..

Don’t just sit,it’s time to start implementeing one by one,and remember practice leeds to perfection.

On writing is a matter of exercise.So do more as you can and start writing valuable content in 30minutes.

Remember to share and leave a comment.And if you’re getting it hard to write a good article just leave a comment stating your problem,I will help you.

How To Start Freelance Writing In 7 Days.

Do you want to learn how to make money as a freelance writer?

You may be having writing skills but you don’t know how you can start writing and make income from it.

I started writing two years ago.It was not easy but due to hardwork and determination,i became awesome writer.

Do I need a degree to be a writer?

Proberbly,my answer is no.

I think writing is passion,like in my case,when i started writing I was a college drop out.

But the big question is,how did I manage this?

Here’s how you can start freelance writing as a bigginner and start earning.

1.Find Out About Freelance Writing.

At first when I started writing ,I did research daily.


When you’ve passion in something but you don’t know where to start from.I was once on that chair you’ve sitted on.

I decided to know more about writing and how I can use it to generate income.


  • Follow one or two freelance writers and sign up for their free email lesson if they offer.
  • Use Google and Youtube.You can type in Google search box your topic of freelance writing.And it will automatically take you to the content you’re searching for.Google and YouTube are good teachers.

I know what you’re thinking now!

When I started,I used this simple technique to teach myself.

Forexample:you can search for how to write a good article.Google will give you answers concerning your question.


I am a good writer,but am still doing reseaech about freelance writing.


Because I want to be more better than what I am today.

2.Farmiliarize Yourself With Writing skills.

Can you open a coffee hotel without coffee?

This is a stupid question that doesn’t need an answer.


It can be helpful,imagine calling yourself a writer without writing skills.

So what’s my point?

Writing is important part of communication.

I know most of us it has been a while since we were taught writing skills and refresher may be needed.

If a client notices your work is full of grammar mistakes,spelling and punctuation mistakes may reject you job.

So what’s the solution?

You can read more books,get new vocabularies as you jot them down.

As a writer you should keep in mind this.

On writing is a matter of exercise.

Let me lift the veil for you.

If you write one and half an hour daily for ten years expect to become a wonderful writer.

So practice writing daily and read your work loudly as you correct yourself.

If you get it hard you can join free english online course on Udemy and Alison.

3.Start Pitching.

Pitching is a way of looking for clients.

It can be warm or cold pitching.The best time for pitching is very early in the morning and late night.

I know that’s a lot to take in but bear with me,as this is the time when clients post their new jobs on freelancing platforms.

My best pitching sites are;

  • Fiver-is a world freelancing platform where business and independent profesionals connects. It’s a marketplace for freelance services.

Anyone can sign up and sell services from $5

For starters,

I will always recomend you to use fiver,since you can create your gigs and sell.

  • Upwork- Is another global freelancing platform where profesionals and clients connect. Here you can meet high value clients.

But how can you get clients here?

You’ve to bid.go through jobs posted on upwork job board.If you see the one fitting you,you apply by sending a proposal.

You can learn how to write proposal here.

If you’re a good writer you can make dollars of money from upwork.

Upwork may be a gold mine as other writers reffer to it

Just look at what happened to my friend George.

Five jobs with $60.

Sound good?

Join Upwork today and start earning.

You can look for clients directly from social media.

At first I took facebook as a photo hub little did I know you can be rich using facebook.

Some cliants post jobs in freelancing facebook groups.

I landed a client on facebook and she pays good.

4.Create Portfolios.

Now you’ve learned about freelance writing,created your account and you’re pitching?

But wait.

This is what you’ve to know .

When applying for writing jobs you will have to produce your working sample

So you can create your samples by choosing a topic,write and post it on linkedIn and Medium.

Try the above steps now.

Gues what happens when you follow this steps?

I have worked as a freelance writer for two years using the same ways and i see the results.You can also try and see.

Create your website at
Get started